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Amongst  many cultural, gastronomical and other diversified offers, Bochum provides simply everything. Not only women will appreciate the many shopping choices, there’s something for everyone. Across the street from Hotel Aleppo one can find the well known ‚Bergbaumuseum’.
Central Bochum, especially the popular ‚Bermudadreieck’ presents a variety of bars, pubs, clubs and restauraurants. Bochum’s theater (Schauspielhaus) that is located on ‚Südring’ will entertain its guests with all sorts of performances.
For a little walk or some sunbathing there’s the ‚Westpark’ that is also pleasantly conveying Bochum’s industrial history.
And don’t forget that a visit to Bochum won’t be complete if you haven’t tried the original Dönninghauser Currywurst!