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    Welcome to the OPERA Hostel Erfurt! Whether you're interested in culture or history, in gastronomy or entertainment, Erfurt, the beautiful provincial capital of Thuringia, is a city to everyones liking. Plus, our staff members ...


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    Welcome to the Green Heart of Germany!

    Erfurt - the provincial capital of Thuringia with its size of curtly 200.000 citizens is a homelike city. Here you will find loads of culture and entertainment – and all that without time- and nerve killing metropolis-jungle atmosphere!
    Through the centre of Erfurt countless smaller and bigger rivers are flowing, which can be crossed via one of about 200 bridges. The most famous of them, the Krämerbrücke, is located directly in the heart of the historic Old Town. It is lined with a big number of small shops which especially offer handcrafted goods. Annual, in June the festivity Krämerbrückenfest takes place at this beautiful location and at the close-by Wenigemarkt.

    The medieval and historic townscape is accompanied by 50 towers – their convents and churches, leading through green and flowery parks, can be explored by foot, bike or by one of the various city-guidances.

    One of those impressing sights is the cathedral Mariendom next to the likewise late gothic church Severi-Kirche. At the plaza Domplatz each summer the festival DomStufen-Festspiele takes place. Every year a theatre play or an opera gets staged in front of that impressing scenery - at the stairs of the cathedral.

    Before christmas one of the prettiest christmas markets of Germany is taking place on the Domplatz. From the Domplatz, you can acquire the Petersberg and the on the top residentary Citadelle by a footpath of a few minutes.

    For centuries the Citadelle was convent and fortress – today you can explore the rambling areal arbitrary, or by taking part in one of the guidances. On bright days you can enjoy a glorious view over the city. On some days flea markets and rag fairs take part, which are implicitly advisable to visit.

    Traditions are alive but a young heart is beating in the city with its countless, selected and individual shops.

    The pulse is given by local and international sports events, the students and universities, by the Media Centre on the area of ega-park, the fairground and a well mixed crowd of open friendly Erfurter's and their visitors.

    Highly recommendable to all who love flowers, trees and gardens is the egapark.  Here you will find besides the Japanese Garden, the tropical greenhouse, the rose garden and the butterfly house, events all over the year like the "Lichterfest" (lampion night) in August or the beer fair in September.

    The new Opera - and the Theatre Waidspeicher with puppet theatre and cabaret - as well as the youth theatre „die Schotte“ - add to the cultural variety of Erfurt with continously new stagings and  guest performances.

    Furthermore you'll find artists of all kinds of genres - from operetta, musical, prom, chanson, jazz, comedy, travesty, disco, dance, rock & pop & party etc. pp. - on the stages of Alte Oper, Dasdie, Engelsburg, Centrum, Stadtgarten, Presseklub, Museumskeller, Unikum, or Kaisersaal.

    The whole event is in a green zone of the the Thuringian Forest on the beaches of the Hohenfelden lake where its easy to chill out and party - perfect for  endless summer days and nights!

    The historical, picturesque Old Town has a very cosy and homelike flair and enthuses everyone - but especially people, who like bars, pubs and restaurants.  In the spiry, narrow and crooked alleys near the you can get lost in a number of those or maybe you'll end up in the cities Casino.

    As a matter of course Erfurt also indulges with its large number of taverns where traditional "Thüringer Küche" is served wich is famous for its specialties like the original "Thüringer Bratwurst" (grilled sausage) and "Thüringer Klöße" (dumplings - the Original).

    For exceptionally experiences in cuisine we can recommend for instance russian and kasakh specialities in the restaurant Russischer Hof. Rustic and in mediaeval tradition the Christoffel is the place where you get food served on real swords and you have to pay with an own currency - the Taler. With a group you can get down into to basement and dive adventurously into the ages and customs of knights and kings. Just a couple of alleys away - next to the Old University where Martin Luther studied in his days.

    If you are a friend of classic, extraordinary and alternative film and movie you will feel like in heaven in the cinema Kino Klub am Hirschlachufer. Here you can sit with a glas of wine or beer and enjoy in cosy atmosphere forgotten or believed forgotten motion pictures of the international cinematic scene.

    Besides from that Erfurt represents with its large number of museums and galleries, amongst them the Deutsche Gartenbaumuseum, the Thüringer Volkskundemuseum, the Angermuseum and Kunsthalle Erfurt, the intellectual-cultural centre of Thuringia. All this is - you can say - just „around the corner“

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