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Whether it be Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen or Dirk Nowitzki - Würzburg has got much more to offer than just a few famous persons: a unique UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, the best wine in all Franconia and the biggest Africa Festival in Europe. In this town not only magnificent baroque buildings with historical backgrounds are to be found but also the oldest Bavarian university and therefore a young and diverse population that ensures a merry students' feeling in the bars and clubs around town.

Sights you must see: the Fortress Marienberg, the Dome St. Kilian and the Lusamgärtchen, where Walther von der Vogelweide, Germany's very first pop star, is buried! You should also not miss out on the Residence Palace, a marvellous city palace designed by Balthasar Neumann with a famous ceiling fresco by Tiepolo and a precious hall of mirrors that will make you speechles. All the same beautiful are the Court Gardens and the Court Chapel. The whole site was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1981 - and if you stand in front of it, you will definitely know why.

Würzburg is particularly famous for its white wine. Even Goethe praised it back in the days with the words: "No other wine will ever be to my liking!" and hit's the bull's eye with that. Everyone that has ever tried the so-called "Steinwein" will understand what writers and artists of earlier centuries meant when they spoke of the "exceptional taste" of franconian wine in the highest terms in their travelogues. Highly recommended: a visit to one of the local wineries - of course including the mandatory wine tasting.

It doesn't matter if you're travelling alone, with friends or family - Würzburg is worth a visit in any case! The variety of museums, theaters, bars and cafés satisfies just about everyone's needs.